What Do Our Customers Say?

When we needed to control many different climates, we chose Argus. Argus makes it simple to adjust settings and the system is always reliable. I trust Argus completely for my environmental control.
— Eric Voogt, Westcan Greenhouses, Langley BC, Canada

Technical support and backup is an absolutely critical issue for any major technology purchase. It was the deciding factor when we purchased our environmental control computer.
— Lloyd Traven, Peace Tree Farm – Kintersville PA

Our Argus environmental computer system may be the single greatest purchase we have made. It saves me about 6 hours every day, paying for itself in less than one year.
— Lloyd Traven, Peace Tree Farm – GM PRO Magazine April 2003

Rarely do you see a product as good and reliable as Argus Controls with equal customer service. My vocabulary isn’t extensive enough to let you know what great service you have provided.
— Agri Starts III, Florida, USA

Not only has our greenhouse temperature control improved with the new system, the historical data has allowed us to see that the system anticipates greenhouse conditions and makes minor corrections to prevent costly wide temperature fluctuations.
— Mike Woodward, Pan American Seed – Elburn IL, USA

Your support is excellent – timely response & quick problem solving. Thank you!!
— Beds & Borders – Laurel, New York, USA

It’s very user friendly. For what we’re doing it’s very affordable. The payback for a system like this is shorter than some people think, not only in labor saving, but in increased efficiency. 
— Karl Kohring, Rway Farm – Beverly Maryland USA

Your service/technical support is great! I also really appreciate the whole outlook your company has in working with growers. You always seem to come up with a practical solution to managing the greenhouse environment. 
— Green Valley Floral – Salinas CA USA

Argus does more, and has more features that we use. We like the system very much.
— Kraemer’s Nursery, Mt. Angel OR – USA

We love our system!! The tech support is excellent!! I have recommended this system to many people.
— The Conard-Pyle Co., USA

I am happy with Argus. It has allowed us much greater control over the greenhouse environment.
— Nordic Nurseries, Abbotsford BC, Canada

We have had our control system since 1995 and couldn’t ask for anything that is more reliable. 
— Crocker Nurseries – Brewster MA US

You have an excellent product and customer service. I installed this system myself & have customized it extensively. I found everything to be quite intuitive, logical and well thought out.
— Dullam Nursery – Oxnard CA USA

We reviewed three systems, and based on cost and recommendations from other growers, we settled on Argus …I have found their system easy to learn and implement, and their technical service department is excellent at providing assistance in a timely manner. 
— Mike Woodward, Pan American Seed – Elburn IL, USA

The system works beautiful. Nice job!
— Fall Brook Farms – Leominster MA USA

We are very happy with customer support. Would absolutely recommend Argus.
— Herbal Greenhouses – Rockyford AB Canada

Thank you for your excellent support!
— Illinois Natural History Survey – USA

When we doubled our size after the first year, Argus was easily expanded to accommodate the added growing space. It had no problem with the change from flood floor to trough bench control in our expansion phase. No grower, however diligent, can keep up with the subtle changes that Argus reacts to on a minute-to-minute basis. Its effect on the crop quality is obvious.
— Molly Burgmann, Lakeshore III Greenhouses, Gafney, SC, USA

System is Great! Keep up the good work!
— JoAnn’s Greenhouses, Perryville MO – USA

Argus does an excellent job for me! I will be increasing more units next year. The service at Argus is excellent!
— LaRosa Greenhouses, Woodstown NJ – USA

I am blown away by the flexibility of the system. I am amazed at what a powerful tool it is! 
— David Cain, Lehman College Greenhouse, Bronx, NY – US

I love you all! Technical Support superb! You are so patient & upbeat all the time. 
— Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia PA – USA

This is a well designed system. I am pleased with it’s performance. Customer service is top notch!
— Sakata Seeds, Salinas CA – USA

Excellent customer service.
— Sylvan Vale Nursery Ltd – Black Creek, BC – Canada

Very good customer support. System was easy to learn & operate.
— United Genetics Seed Company, Dixon CA – USA

You people are a breath of fresh air. Professional, service-orientated and enthusiastic!.
— Victoria Butterfly Gardens, Victoria BC, Canada

Argus has given me the freedom my parents didn’t have. 
— Vermeer’s Greenhouse, Welland ON, Canada