Why Choose Argus?

When we needed to control many different climates, we chose Argus. Argus makes it simple to adjust settings and the system is always reliable. I trust Argus completely for my environmental control.
– Eric Voogt, Westcan Greenhouses, Langley BC, Canada

What we hear most from our customers is how much they appreciate the power and reliability of their systems and the great support we provide.

Three complete systems in one:

Every Argus system provides three essential functions:

  • fully integrated equipment control
  • advanced monitoring and alarms
  • comprehensive data acquisition and management information

The system gathers information from sensor devices such as temperature, wind speed, tank levels, pH, vent position, humidity, light, CO2 etc. It uses this information in conjunction with sophisticated internal algorithms to automatically control the equipment used to adjust air temperatures, humidity levels, ventilation, light, soil moisture, nutrients, and other target processes. At the same time, it constantly monitors critical conditions and control variables acting as an early warning system for power failures and equipment failures. Comprehensive data logging features enable you to record all sensor data and control parameters providing a continuous record of all control operations and conditions.

Powerful, flexible hardware:

The meticulously designed hardware components of the Argus Titan system are highly modular so you only purchase the components you need as you need them. Controllers and I/O Modules are linked together by simple network wiring. Since they can be located nearly anywhere in your operation, you can substantially reduce the length and cost of wiring runs for your sensors and controlled equipment.

Our systems are extremely flexible and designed to work with the equipment you already have. They provide the highest degree of durability, reliability, and flexibility for achieving your control objectives.

Highly configurable control logic:

One of the strengths of the Argus Titan system is the modular building block approach that we use to configure control applications. This provides enormous flexibility for engineering a seamless, comprehensive control solution for your application. We do our best to ensure you never have to make compromises due to limitations of the control system.

Custom system configuration:

In most instances, your Argus system will arrive from the factory fully preconfigured to your specifications complete with a custom set of navigation screens that match the names of your controlled equipment and the layout of your site. If at any time your requirements change, we can adapt the control logic by simply reconfiguring the underlying control programs to suit your new requirements. This ability to rapidly and economically adapt our software to your exact requirements is what sets the Argus system apart from our competition.

Any size, any complexity:

Argus systems are enormously scalable. Each controller is capable of hosting dozens of complex applications and the system can accommodate hundreds of controllers. Additional hardware can simply be added and configured as needed.

Reliability you can trust:

Our systems are as famous for dependability as they are for performance. A self-aware control network, superior electrical noise rejection, lightning protection, and comprehensive monitoring and alarms are just a few of the features our customers count on for maximum dependability.

A company you can depend on:

Argus has over thirty years experience in automated controls. We don’t just sell control panels, we become your partner in automated control and climate management. All our systems are designed for remote support so it doesn’t matter where your facility is located. With our depth of experience in process control and a staff including professional horticulturists and former growers, we are here to answer your questions and go directly on-line with your system any time you need support.

Legendary support:

We know firsthand that automated control is a complex subject. We don’t expect you to become an expert. We try to make our systems as easy to understand as possible, while allowing you maximum latitude for making your own adjustments and modifications. Whenever you need help, our service team will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your Argus control system.

Controls for today and tomorrow:

The open-ended control configuration features of the Argus Titan system ensure that your system will not become obsolete for a long time. We specifically designed it to be capable of tackling the new control challenges of emerging technologies. Should your equipment, structures, or requirements change over time, you can be confident that your Argus system can change with you. We even support external supervisory control capabilities, enabling you to tie in third-party ‘expert’ systems and growth models as they become more widely available

Monitor everything:

Argus systems feature self-monitoring of all control components and communications pathways as well as extensive monitoring of controlled equipment and processes. In the event of emergencies, our flexible alarm annunciation options ensure that problems are detected early, enabling the most prompt response possible

Record everything:

With our advanced data recording and graphical display options you can easily track the performance of your controlled environments and all of the equipment systems under your control. Instant access to historical data enables you to repeat past successes and closely monitor the performance of your climates over time. When changing over crops you can save all the control settings for later reuse, ensuring an exact reproduction of your control setup whenever you need it

Integrated irrigation and nutrient control:

Along with complete climate control, Argus Systems have fully integrated irrigation and nutrient management capabilities for horticultural applications. Our irrigation control features are the most complete and sophisticated in the industry. With an Argus system you can control any type of pump, valve, boom or other water management device. No matter how simple of complex your irrigation delivery system, Argus can provide the custom controls to manage it for optimum performance.

Argus is easy to use:

By coordinating and integrating the operation of many complex equipment systems the Argus system can effectively transform your facility into a ‘growing machine’. Through its intelligent automation programs the system effectively removes the complexity of equipment operation from your day to day concerns.  This frees you to focus on your production targets, environmental parameters, crop health, and the factors influencing growth and development rather than the complexities of equipment operation and integration.

Easy, convenient access:

Argus provides facility wide monitoring of all environments and control parameters from a central access PC. There is no dependance on PCs for any control operations. In-zone displays and keypad access options are also available. Our client/server software enables growers to access the system simultaneously from multiple PC locations. Secure remote access capabilities ensure that on-call staff can monitor conditions and respond promptly to any alarm notifications.

Fast return on investment:

With more features than other systems, yet competitively priced, an Argus system will pay for itself fast and deliver a wealth of additional benefits over its long life expectancy. Compared to mechanical thermostats and stand-alone controllers, an Argus system can generally provide a 2-5% energy savings through more accurate temperature management and more efficient operation of thermal curtains. This alone can provide a return on your investment in as little as 1-3 years! However, reducing inputs is only one of the many ways an Argus system will benefit your operation. Comprehensive control of your growing environments enables:

    • Increased yields
    • Improved quality
    • Better uniformity
    • Reduced disease and pesticide applications
    • Labor savings through automation of irrigation and nutrient delivery
    • Optimized equipment operation to reduce wear and extend service life
    • Comprehensive management information and historical data
    • Prevention of catastrophes through continuous monitoring and alarms

What Do Our Customers Say?