About Argus' Legendary Service

(If you are an existing Argus customer you can access our customer support page by clicking here)

One of the best things about an Argus system is that we are always here to assist you.  We help you with installation, system commissioning, operator training, and ongoing support. We pride ourselves on being a customer-driven company. Our loyal and satisfied customers are our best advertisers and we work hard to provide exceptional customer support for our products. We encourage you to check with other Argus customers.

Remote Support

Automated control is a complex subject. We don't expect you to become an expert. We try to make our systems as easy to understand as possible while allowing you maximum latitude for making your own adjustments and modifications. Whenever you need help, our service team will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your Argus system. Our systems are fully designed for remote support, so it doesn't matter where your facility is located - we look after you. When we say remote we mean it - we currently support systems in the Himalayas and at the South Pole!

Troubleshooting Assistance

The components of the Argus system are generally more reliable than the equipment it controls. Consequently, much of our service and support time is devoted to helping our customers troubleshoot issues that are ultimately caused by malfunctions in their equipment systems. Often the Argus system is the first to detect problems such as failing pumps, stuck valves, etc.  Not only can you use the system to watchdog the performance of individual equipment devices, you can also observe the aggregate effects of equipment operation such as changes in water flow, humidity, air temperatures, etc.

Low Ownership Costs

You may never need on-site service. Most customers don't. Our systems are designed from the ground up for remote support and easy field replacement of modular components. While a few parts such as pH sensors do have a defined service life, most of our equipment is designed for maximum reliability and longevity with little or no maintenance required. We have some customers who have been using their original Argus equipment continuously for over 20 years!

Emergency Support

In addition to routine assistance, Argus provides 24/7 after-hours, weekend, and holiday emergency support to make sure you are never stranded when you need help the most. Most customers stock a few critical spare parts, and we maintain a deep factory inventory of standard parts ready for overnight or express shipment to most regions. Manual overrides are provided on most equipment relays to assist in troubleshooting and repairs and to ensure you aways have the ability to maintain safe operating conditions during emergencies.