Argus at the South Pole

Since 2005 the Amundsen Scott Base at the South Pole has been using an Argus system to operate their food growth chamber. The University of Arizona designed the chamber to provide fresh vegetables and some much needed light, humidity and green space for the staff and scientists who over winter at the station. It is coldest, driest, darkest, and most remote place on Earth.

The Argus system operates all of the lighting, temperature control, and hydroponic nutrient feeding systems in the chamber. Lane Patterson manages the South Pole ‘greenhouse’ from his office at the University of Arizona where he can monitor and adjust all settings remotely. He is also in regular contact with on-site personnel who operate the facility. Argus provides remote support via satellite link for this project.

This slide show was presented in March 2008 at the NCERA 101 meetings held in Florida. This article reprinted from The Growing Edge magazine also highlights activities at the South Pole Growth Chamber.