Providing You With the Best Customer Service, Always

Argus is well known for its outstanding and reliable customer service. For years, Argus has been available to our customers when we are needed to ensure that the Argus System remains operational at all times. At Argus, we understand that looking for better and more efficient ways to serve you is one of our top priorities. Over the past several years we have made changes to our support group to better serve our customers in both application and hardware support.

Dedicated Teams

Our traditional service department has been divided into two distinct roles:

Project Design Team (PDT): Responsible for engineering all new projects and expansions and some parts orders that our clients have purchased. They are responsible for designing an Argus System that meets the requirements of your project. They can be contacted for project scheduling, engineering information, electrical details and wiring diagrams during the engineering process.

Application Services Team (AST): This is Argus’ front line support for all projects and clients that are in the field. This team provides installation, commissioning and training support for new projects as well as ongoing support for any existing Argus Control Systems at your location. You can contact this team for most inquiries and they are available 24/7 for crop threatening emergencies (If you call outside of regular business hours then someone will be paged and call you back).

In addition to the service department, our Sales Team is responsible for generating quotes for new projects, expansions and parts orders. They will present the quotation listing, the scope of work, pricing and payment terms. The Sales Team makes sure the information gathered during the sales process is documented and passed to the next department in the workflow.

How to Contact Us

Inside North America Outside North America E-mail
Sales Inquiries 1-800-667-2090 1-604-538-3531
Service Requests 1-888-667-2091 1-604-536-9100

New Service Ticket System

The goal of the Application Services Team is to have each of our technicians be able to help our customers at any given time. Recently, we have implemented a ticketing system which enables AST to track all service requests from our customers and share the information through a common dashboard with others on the Application Services Team. This ensures that, if your regular AST technician is not available, another one of our experts can see the status of your inquiry and pick up where the ticket was left off.

You can request to have access to the ticket system emailing us at or while speaking with one of our service techs. Once added, you can log new tickets, check status of existing tickets and gain access to our knowledge base articles, all of this through the Argus Portal.

Replacement Parts

To mitigate the impact to our clients in both cost and reliability we are now shipping “new” parts for out of warranty replacement and no longer asking for older damaged parts back for repair. In the past we operated under an exchange program, which required the return of defective parts to be repaired and re-used on subsequent service events; however, it has become cost-prohibitive to maintain and repair older pieces.

For parts that are still under warranty, we always use new items for replacement, and we are still asking for the damaged components to be returned for evaluation. The main reason to have the parts returned and evaluated is to provide feedback to our R&D team on improvements to our products or to suggest solutions to prevent the hardware from being damaged in the first place.

To encourage the return of damaged parts under warranty we are providing return shipment labels and information along with a package delivery company account number so you do not need to pay for the return.