Application Notes

Greenhouse Cooling – An Argus Application Note

This application note discusses cooling in greenhouses using a variety of strategies including ventilation, evaporative cooling, and evapotranspiration.

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Argus Nutrient Dosing Handbook

This manual is intended as a reference for customers using their Argus systems for irrigation and nutrient control. It is intended as a service to our customers in aid of better understanding the underlying principles at work in a plant nutrition program.

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Argus Dehumidification Strategies

With carefully coordinated simultaneous heating and venting, it is possible to control humidity levels while maintaining the climate temperature setpoint.

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Mixing Valves

An explanation and flow diagrams of the different types of mixing valves used with hydronic heating systems.

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Using Your Argus System to Conserve Energy

This document focuses on some general methods for managing energy inputs.

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Greenhouse Electrical Design Considerations

This document provides background information to help you understand how to use electricity efficiently, safely, and economically. With this understanding, you will be better prepared to work with your greenhouse and electrical equipment suppliers, electricians, local inspection and regulatory agencies, and your greenhouse maintenance staff.

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