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Indoor Crop Production: Feeding the Future

This white paper by NewBean Capital looks at one aspect of the relationship between technology and agriculture; the current state and prospects for automation and robotics in the indoor agriculture industry, which is defined as growing produce in hydroponic systems… more...

Argus at the South Pole

Since 2005 the Amundsen Scott Base at the South Pole has been using an Argus system to operate their food growth chamber. The University of Arizona designed the chamber to provide fresh vegetables and some much needed light, humidity and… more...

Light and Lighting Control in Greenhouses

This article discusses how light affects plants, light measurement, artificial lighting, and greenhouse structures & location.

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Sensor Troubleshooting

This article discusses sensor troubleshooting.

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Developing a Greenhouse Control Specification

This article discusses developing a greenhouse control specification.

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Crop Modeling and Automated Control Systems

This article discusses crop modeling and automated control systems. This document contains the following sections:

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  • What Is Crop Modeling?
  • Defining the Targets
  • Using Computers to Predict Crop Growth and Yield
  • Achieving the Targets… more...