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Purchasing an Argus System

You can purchase an Argus System direct from Argus or through one of our resellers or reseller installers.

If you require a system design for an immediate purchase, please contact our sales department at:

Phone: 1-800-667-2090 or 1-604-538-3531


Specifying Your System

Argus systems are custom engineered and configured to your performance specifications. You do not need to become a controls expert in order to purchase a system and we don’t make you build it from scratch from a parts list.  We take care of all of that.  All you need to provide is information about what you would like to monitor and control. From this information we develop a control specification and select the equipment required to configure a comprehensive system. In most cases we select and specify the sensors needed to accomplish your monitoring and control applications as part of the configuration process. If you have any specific requirements regarding sensor selection we can generally accomodate them. We also provide prewired relay control panels matched to your existing equipment if you need them.

Generally, we need to understand the physical layout of your operation, the equipment and systems that you plan to automate, and any logical groupings of controlled entities such as climate zones, tank systems, etc. and how your equipment is currently configured and deployed. This can take some back and forth communications by phone or email as we gather a complete picture of your operation and what you need.  To help with this, we’ll send you an information package to help you itemize your needs. Starting with a quick estimate, we can work towards a fully itemized engineered quotation. Each step of the way we discuss the implications of your decisions on both cost and performance. You remain in control of the process. If you would like additional information on our products before asking for a design proposal and quotation please check out the rest of our web site and feel free to give us a call or e-mail us at anytime.

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