System Pricing

What does an Argus System Cost?

We have installed control systems ranging from about $10,000 to more than $1,000,000 (US). The price varies directly with the size and complexity of each installation. Generally, the more control points (measured inputs and controlled outputs) the higher the cost. Therefore, the only way we can determine what your system will cost is by carefully evaluating your detailed control specifications (see below).

We make every effort to advise you of any other equipment or installation costs you are likely to incur that are not supplied by Argus. In short, we will try to match your requirements in the most economical way possible.

On larger commercial installations, the installed cost of an Argus system can be less than 1% of the entire construction budget. What’s more, the system should easily pay for itself several times over through increased energy efficiency, management, and productivity gains.

What Are You Buying?

When you select an Argus system you are not simply buying computerized switch gear. We provide a complete automated control solution programmed specifically for your operation with our advanced control intelligence with direct factory support from Argus.

When you purchase an Argus system, you get:

  • the control system components (the system hardware, sensors, and peripheral components)
  • line voltage interfacing equipment for switching line voltage electrical loads (optional)
  • a license to use the Argus software
  • custom system configuration by Argus
  • custom drawings and installation documents
  • our legendary remote factory support via Internet and telephone

Our price will only change if:

  • you change your requirements and we have to change the system configuration (components and/or settings).
  • you require additional services not specified in your original quote, such as special training and consultation or on-site visits. Most Argus customers never require these additional services.