With combined strengths in greenhouse production, water management, and aquaculture applications, Argus is an ideal control system for aquaponics facilities.


Argus has provided monitoring and controls for a variety of research and production facilities in this fast emerging industry. We are perhaps the only major controls company with expertise in both hydroponic greenhouse production and aquaculture and the experience to integrate these two technologies. Check our aquaculture and commercial horticulture pages for more information on how our systems perform in these applications.

Custom Controls

Argus systems feature extensive custom configurability to meet the automation requirements of unique facilities. We typically provide controls for your entire facility including water circulation and water quality monitoring, oxygenation and pH, monitoring and alarms, and full greenhouse climate control.  In instances where aquaponics operations such as rooftop greenhouses require integration with other building amenities, we can provide the controls for all or part of the facility as required.