Argus is the leading choice for precision climate and crop management in bioscience facilities.

Bioscience Research and Education Facilities

Argus systems are used by leading universities, government facilities, and bioresearch companies. Argus brings together all monitoring and control of research compartments, greenhouses, growth chambers, and related areas under a unified central command, complete with intelligent integration of shared resources such as water and energy systems. We provide a unique mix of advanced climate control, irrigation, and nutrient management capabilities. As a Conviron company, the world leader in the design and manufacture of plant growth chambers and rooms, we are able to offer complete controlled environment solutions to support your research programs.

Built for Research

Argus is the industry leader for advanced control of horticulture and bioresearch facilities. Our systems offer a wide scope of applications, superior depth of control capability, and many unique features for directly supporting your research activities.

Measure Everything

Argus systems easily accommodate a broad range of sensors for climate monitoring, water management, nutrient studies and other research objectives. High accuracy instrumentation-quality inputs are capable of resolution down to a few microvolts. Sensors can be easily changed or reconfigured to suit experimental requirements. Sampling features include automated sensor multiplexing for sequential sampling applications and built-in utilities for safely importing and managing sensor data from external sources.

Record Everything

For analytical purposes, you can record vast amounts of general and project-specific sensor data as well as calculated climate values and other process information developed in the controllers. This can substantially reduce the need for stand-alone data loggers in many applications. Thousands of data channels can be recorded at high resolutions with pre-filtering options for efficient data compression and storage. Quickly review and analyze your data with integrated multi-overlay graphing tools and export it for further analysis in external applications. An automated camera control utility is also available for native capture and playback of time series imagery. Photographic documentation can be used for general monitoring and to support data collection and reporting requirements.

Comprehensive Irrigation and Nutrient Control

Standard features include accumulation models based on light and other influences, a complete evapotranspiration model for outdoor irrigation applications and direct and indirect moisture measurement. Wired and wireless moisture sensing options are available and custom irrigation logic can be configured to match project requirements. Weight scales and load cells can also be used for drying studies. For nutrient management, Argus Multi-Feed Injectors feature on-the-fly injection of stock concentrates, true single-element dosing options and built-in recipes for defining complete hydroponic nutrient solutions in elemental parts per million.

Custom Process Control

Argus systems feature extensive custom configurability to meet the demanding automation requirements of unique facilities. Even the most complex equipment systems can be automated to make your facility as efficient and easy to manage as possible. For leading edge research and development applications, we even provide safe bi-directional integration with external plant models and other growth optimization software.

More Time for Research

Argus systems are simple to use in daily operation yet powerful enough for the most demanding applications. Daily operation consists of reviewing the current trends and conditions and adjusting control targets as needed. Ready availablity of expert Argus factory support frees you to focus on your research objectives rather than the intricacies of equipment operation and integration.

Management and Administration Features

Argus systems feature secure, password-controlled permissions for system access from local and remote locations. Simultaneous multi-user access is supported and comprehensive monitoring and alarm annunciation is standard. All recorded data can be exported for external use and a user configurable e-mail reporting and notification service is also available.

Legendary Support

We provide extensive remote support ensuring you are never on your own when it comes to managing your system or troubleshooting problems. With expert remote assistance just an email or phone call away, the technical demands on your staff are significantly reduced.