Argus systems are used to manage the world's most advanced greenhouse vegetable production facilities.

Greenhouse Vegetables

Maximum production requires the very best automated controls available. With an impressive list of features tailored to the needs of greenhouse vegetable producers, Argus provides the tools you need to achieve unprecedented quality and outstanding yields together with comprehensive 24/7 monitoring of all crop conditions and controlled processes.

Manage Inputs - Maximize Output

An Argus system puts you in total command of your environment with advanced control intelligence to match today's sophisticated greenhouse vegetable production facilities. The operation of all equipment is tightly integrated using optimized control applications custom tailored to your facility. We don't just automate your equipment; we transform your operation into a seamless 'growing machine' enabling maximum production efficiency and quality.

More Features, More Depth

Argus has the depth and scope of control where it counts. We understand that top quality vegetable crops depend on precision management of all production factors including light, humidity, temperature, moisture, and nutrients. An Argus system provides you with the power to manage these critical variables, ensuring the highest yields and crop uniformity while avoiding the many pest, disease and physiological problems that can result from inadequate control. Our applications are loaded with features tailored to greenhouse vegetable production including:

Hot Water Heating

Argus systems feature superior heat distribution and pipe temperature management for hot water heating systems. Features include crop activation pipe temperatures, heat buffering, return temperature limiting, and much more.

Humidity and VPD

Whether you need to add moisture to the air or remove it, the Argus system provides precision monitoring of humidity and VPD and provides highly effective control strategies for reducing plant stress, aiding in nutrient transport and avoiding disease promoting condensation on developing fruit and plant parts.

Automated Crop Schedules

Comprehensive diurnal (24 hour) and multi-day setpoint schedules enable you to program your control targets to match the crop requirements throughout the day and for each phase of growth.

Light and Photoperiod

Sophisticated programs give you complete control over supplementary lighting during propagation and for production under low light conditions. Lights can be operated by time, ambient conditions, or accumulated values such as DLI (daily light integrals).


The Argus system provides comprehensive control options for CO2 enrichment including automatic operation of burners, liquid CO2 sources, and boiler stack recovery from central heating systems.

Curtain Control

Extensive shade and thermal curtain controls help you save energy while managing temperatures, light, and humidity levels. Argus provides closing and reopening strategies to deal with a range of of external conditions based on light, time, temperature, or any other measurable parameters. Curtain operations are fully integrated with other activities such as heating, ventilation, snow load protection, and lighting.

Time Weighted Control Influences

Use advanced time-weighted features such as DLI (daily light integrals) and ADT(average daily temperatures) to track and control the factors that influence crop health, stress, growth and moisture status.

Advanced Irrigation

Argus provides an array of control options for managing all types of irrigation equipment. Each offers unprecedented operator control and fine-tuning adjustments for managing substrate moisture during every phase of production. Watering rates can be influenced and varied by time of day, leachate volumes, weight scales, EC, accumulated light, and any other measurable criteria. Irrigation water temperatures can be controlled and control strategies are available for recapture, treatment, and recirculation.

Comprehensive Nutrient Control

Argus Multi-Feed Nutrient Injection systems are the most advanced fertilizer injection systems commercially available. Our precision systems feature full integration with Argus irrigation scheduling and can deliver several fertilizers recipes from the same injection station as well as variable recipe strengths to meet the current conditions. Single tank, A/B concentrates, and full single element dosing options are all supported. Nutrient levels can be adjusted throughout the day in response to changing conditions. All nutrient dosing is integrated with irrigation schedules and fully managed and monitored by the Argus Titan system.