Precision management of germination and rooting environments

Plant Propagation

Nowhere are the fine details of climate management more important than in propagation environments. Small deviations in temperatures, VPD, and substrate moisture can mean the difference between success and failure. That's why the top commercial propagators use Argus systems to manage their propagation facilities.

An Argus system puts you in full control of your environment enabling you to achieve the perfect balance of air and root zone temperatures, humidity, VPD, light levels, CO2 concentrations, and substrate moisture. State-of-the-art sensors and intelligent equipment control strategies help you maintain critical setpoints, creating perfect conditions for successful rooting, seed germination, and young plant development.  With the tremendous flexibility of the Argus system you'll enjoy control capabilities that are custom tailored to your operation and your propagation methods.

Here are some features that make Argus an outstanding choice for managing your propagation environments:

Advanced Intermittent Misting Applications

With an Argus system you can create the perfect mist control strategy for vegetative propagation, ensuring wilt prevention prior to callus formation, while preventing over-saturation and anoxic conditions in the rooting media. Misting frequency can be based on time or sensor feedback, as well as predictive models that incorporate time-weighted influences such as light and temperature.

Root Zone Temperature Monitoring & Control

With our precise instrumentation you can monitor and control critical root zone and substrate temperatures in your propagation zones.

Precision Climate Monitoring

Argus Titan systems provide precision measurement and in-zone display of current climate conditions including temperature, humidity, PAR light, and CO2.

Humidity and VPD

Our humidity and VPD management applications can help you maintain ideal conditions for germination, callusing, and root initiation while at the same time preventing wilting and over-saturation your rooting substrates. The Argus system provides precision monitoring of humidity and VPD and capable control strategies for reducing plant stress and avoiding disease promoting condensation.

Moisture Sensors

Argus offers a variety of methods for monitoring soil moisture content and plant water status to ensure the perfect balance of water and oxygen in the root zone.

Light and Photoperiod

With our sophisticated lighting programs you can manage supplementary illumination, photoperiod control, and other light dependent plant responses. Lights can be operated by time, ambient conditions, or accumulated values such as DLI (daily light integrals).

Curtain Control

Our extensive shade, thermal, and photoperiod curtain controls help you save energy while managing the propagation environment. Argus provides closing and reopening strategies to deal with a range of external conditions based on light, time, temperature, humidity, or any other measurable parameters. Curtain operations are coordinated and fully integrated with other activities such as heating, lighting, ventilation, and snow load protection.

Advanced Irrigation

Argus provides an array of drip, boom, sprinkler, and sub-irrigation control options to match your growing methods. Each offers unprecedented operator control and fine-tuning adjustments for managing substrate moisture during every phase of production. Irrigation water temperatures can be managed and control strategies are aso available for water recapture, treatment, and recirculation.