Conservatory Garden


Climate Mastery

Argus excels at managing engineered bio-climates. From jungle houses to desertscapes, an Argus control system will create the optimum conditions to keep your valuable specimens in peak condition. Monitor and control your entire facility from a single 'mission control' platform ensuring maximum operating safety and efficiency.

Automated control custom tailored to your facility

Most conservatories are one-of-a-kind structures with unique design attributes and equipment configurations. Our highly adaptable systems can intelligently control any existing equipment including steam and hot water heating systems, passive vents, exhaust fans, fog, mist, evaporative cooling pads, shade, HVAC, and supplementary lighting systems. All equipment is operated in an integrated and coordinated manner to maintain exceptional climate performance despite ever changing external conditions.

Intelligent water and nutrient management

Argus systems offer the most advanced irrigation and water management options of any control system for horticulture. The system can conserve water while applying just the right amount for the current conditions. Not only does this help promote a more natural growth habitat, it can help prevent root disease and other problems associated with improper water management. This is critically important for long-term plantings and valuable specimens.

The Argus system is equally well-suited for managing the irrigation of outdoor grounds and plantings. Argus Multi-Feed nutrient injection systems are available as a system add-on for precision delivery of plant nutrients at operator-specified concentrations and frequencies.