Cranberry producers use Argus systems for weather monitoring and intelligent frost protection.

Custom Applications

While there is often a horticulture or biological component to our applications, the open-ended flexibility of the Argus control system makes it well suited for applications with similar monitoring and control requirements. The modular building block approach at the heart of our systems enables us to construct increasingly specialized applications by combining simpler generic control modules. The end result is shaped into a custom solution for your control and monitoring needs. This ability to rapidly and economically adapt and deploy our systems to your requirements along with great service and support is what sets Argus apart from others. <h4><strong>We have provided systems for:</strong></h4> <ul> <li>Wood drying kilns</li> <li>Rail car controlled environments</li> <li>Cranberry production</li> <li>Mushroom farms</li> <li>Cold storage buildings</li> <li>Controlled environment storage buildings</li> <li>Bulb-forcing rooms</li> <li>Commercial buildings and warehouses</li> <li>High-end homes</li> <li>Other specialized environmental control situations</li> </ul> <br> If you have an unusual control or monitoring problem, please give us a call and we'll gladly evaluate your requirements. We'll do our best to give you an honest evaluation of whether an Argus system is a good fit for you.