Advanced Crop Lab at the Syngenta RTP Innovation Centre

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, June 24, 2016

Syngenta released a video today profiling its now complete Advanced Crop Lab at the Syngenta RTP Innovation Center. The facility boasts an extensive greenhouse footprint with a total of one acre under glass.

Argus Controls in the Syngenta Advanced Crop Lab greenhouses

Advanced Argus Controls hardware and software controls and monitors light, temperature, fertigation, soil moisture and irrigation for 30 greenhouses at the Syngenta Advanced Crop Lab in RTP.

According to Bill Hlavac, Head of Site Operations at Syngenta “Everything has been thought of, everything has been accounted for, and for the first time it’s all been pulled together in a way that just hasn’t been done before”.

The greenhouses incorporate low iron glass for more light transmission, with high density argon gas to provide insulation, improved temperature control as well as haze glass to further break light down and enable better light penetration to the plant level. “We can control the temperature levels from 95°F to 65°F (35°C to 18°C to) in each room separately…” according to Pablo Hernandez, Senior Project Manager.

This control and monitoring for the 30 greenhouses was made possible with advanced automated control hardware and software provided by Argus Controls. Argus has a total of 63 Titan Controllers installed on site with seats for over 30 Syngenta users. The Argus system integrates the entire greenhouse complex of multiple control and monitoring points including irrigation, soil moisture and fertigation along with single element or single ion nutrient control.

A world class installation, this new Syngenta facility was awarded 3 Green Globes® from the Green Building Initiative for sustainable building achievements.