Argus Controls: Part of Metrolina Water Retention Pond Project

Argus is proud to be part of one of the newest and most significant additions to Metrolina Greenhouses: The purchase of Stacy’s Greenhouses in York, SC. The development of this property has helped Metrolina to become the sixth largest greenhouse grower operation in the United States (Drotleff, 2017).

At this facility – which was acquired in 2014 – Metrolina has been working on a state of the art Water Retention Project. In 2015 they installed a water retention system (for 2 million gallon water) with recirculation pumps, a water ozone system and Argus Controls for irrigation and fertilizer. Furthermore, in 2016 they also used Argus Controls for a 1.4 million gallon holding tank.

At the moment, the existing ponds cater to Farms 3 and 4 which are connected by a 12-inch main. Metrolina’s project is aiming towards creating a closed loop water system.

Argus Controls Panels at Metrolina

Advanced Argus Controls hardware and software are used by Metrolina at their facilities.

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