Argus Controls: Providing environmental controls solutions for Metrolina Greenhouses

Sep 13, 2017

In the latest issue of Greenhouse Management, Patrick Williams writes about the importance of environmental controls in horticultural operations and exemplified it with the technology used by Metrolina Greenhouses. Jeff Woolsey, operation’s system engineer at Metrolina’s Huntersville location, described to Williams the important role Argus Controls plays in his operation as it is used for controlling heat, heat storage, fertilizer dosing, shade, blackout, fog control, germination and tray sterilization. Woolsey also remarked the “feed-forward” approach used by Argus Controls and how its software integrates different elements essential to a horticultural operation. The grower also noted Argus’ customer service and reliability: “I really love their engineering, their quality control, the way they approach things,”… “Their system has been very, very reliable for us.”

Photo: Rick Woolsey

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