Conviron Partners with Valoya to Extend LEDs Into New Markets

March 27, 2014

Canada-based Conviron and Valoya of Finland announced today an agreement for the distribution of Valoya LEDs and integration of Valoya LEDs into Conviron growth chambers and rooms. Effective immediately, Conviron is the exclusive distributor of Valoya’s products to seed and biotech companies, government institutions and universities in North America, India, Australia and Brazil. Conviron will also distribute Valoya LEDs to the commercial horticulture sector in various regions around the world. As a preferred partner, Conviron now has full access to Valoya’s products, research and solutions. Working collaboratively, Conviron will integrate Valoya’s technology into new and existing products to provide clients with high-performing, cost-effective LED lighting solutions.

Valoya LED Lighting Installed in a Greenhouse
Valoya LED Lighting Installed in a Greenhouse
A1000 With Valoya LED Fixtures
A1000 Chamber with Valoya NS1 LED fixtures

Valoya’s LED products are designed specifically for plant growth applications and therefore offer many benefits to plant researchers and facility managers. Based on their extensive plant light response research, Valoya’s wide spectrum LED lights result in better yields and measurable energy savings. Valoya also provides LEDs with a white sun-like spectrum that provides excellent growth properties while preserving the visual comfort of users.

“Over the past five years we have evaluated and integrated various LED solutions in our controlled environments. Our research showed that Valoya’s LEDs not only surpassed all other LED lights in desired plant response, but also outperformed technically in terms of heat management, light output and energy savings while integrating seamlessly with our control systems. Like our own products, Valoya’s products are globally deployable, which is important to our multinational clients,” said Steve Kroft, CEO of Conviron.

Lars Aikala, CEO of Valoya comments: “We are very happy to announce our relationship with Conviron. We have worked together on various projects for more than four years and the synergies between the two companies are clear to our clients. This agreement with Conviron enables us to serve seed companies and the biotech and argritech markets with greater reach, better support and unprecedented solutions. Furthermore, Conviron’s recent acquisition of Argus Controls brings us closer to commercial growers in North America and new opportunities around the world.”

PG2500 With Valoya LED Fixtures
PG2500 Chamber with Valoya AP673 LED fixtures
Conviron Growth House™ with Valoya AP673 LED fixtures
Conviron Growth House™ with Valoya AP673

About Conviron

Conviron is the world’s largest designer and supplier of plant growth chambers and rooms. Its highly engineered products are used by leading universities, government agencies and agricultural biotech companies around the globe to solve many of today’s challenges in food production and safety. Headquartered with design and manufacturing in Winnipeg, Canada, it employs a global sales and distribution network with offices in the US, Europe, China and Australia. For more information, visit or  YouTube.

About Valoya

Valoya is the leading provider of wide spectrum LED lights for use in professional horticulture. Valoya’s patented light solutions are based on extensive research and high performance LED technology. Valoya’s global customer base, which consists of seed and agritech companies, leading vegetable and flower producers, nurseries and multi-tier growers, enjoys increased yields, better quality and energy savings from Valoya’s LED lighting systems. For more information, visit or  YouTube.

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