First-of-its-kind North American Ultra-Clima greenhouse controlled by advanced Argus system

For Houweling, Argus Controls was the preferred developer of the greenhouse control system

UTAH, United States, November 19, 2015 – Casey Houweling, owner of Houweling’s Tomatoes, recently built a patented Ultra-Clima greenhouse that may produce the U.S’s most sustainable tomato. Connected to PacifiCorp’s Rock Mountain Power Plant, this revolutionary greenhouse will transform normally wasted flue gas from the plant into low-grade residual heat and unlimited CO2 to produce tomatoes year-round.

For such a complex project, a standard greenhouse control system could not meet the project’s operational requirements. Houweling employed the services of Argus Controls to create a tailor-made system to control the entire operation. Houweling; “Their team is extremely flexible. The fact that they are based in North America made them able to achieve results over a relatively short time. What we could probably do in six weeks with Argus, would take us six months to a year to get done with an European supplier.”

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