Houweling’s Group Receives Utah Clean Energy Award

Salt Lake City, USA, June 19, 2017 – Howeling’s Tomatoes, a company with a long relationship with Argus and one of its most relevant clients, has received a new award for their clean and efficient energy projects. In recognition to their energy saving efforts as a result of their innovative proprietary CO2 and heat capture system Howeling’s was one of four companies recognized as part of Utah’s Energy Efficiency Challenge.

Argus systems are used in this amazing project to control the equipment that extracts the CO₂ and the heat from the stack gas and sends signals to and from the power plant. This system also monitors gas flow and temperature, concentration of CO and NOx, and controls the condenser fans, condenser pumps and dampers on this project.

Houweling’s Group Receives Utah Clean Energy Award

Clay Monroe-RMP (L) with Casey Houweling (R). (Source: HortiDaily 2017)

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