Resource Magazine – Special Issue on Controlled Environment Agriculture

Resource Magazine is published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The March/April 2013 edition features perspectives on controlled environment Agriculture:

“The theme of this issue is Urban Agriculture and, as several of the contributors point out, the world’s population will hit nine billion by the middle of this century. That’s a big number, so here’s another way to think about it: We will need to produce more food in the first half of this century than we did in the previous 100 centuries combined! Along with food production, clean water will become critical. And renewable sources must supply a major part of our energy. Agricultural and biological engineers can provide solutions to these challenges, and we’ll do it by improving the efficiency of our global food system.”

This on-line edition includes an article by our own Alec Mackenzie on page 13 and several Argus customers and associates also contributed to this thought provoking topic.  You can read it all here