Argus controllers feature superior electrical isolation, electrical noise immunity, and lightning protection

Proven Reliability

Argus applies a multilayered design approach for protection against lightning, short circuits, and brownouts. Starting with built-in protection for all core hardware components, the system can be augmented by an array of separate protection devices that you can add incrementally according to the risks at your location. Each component is equipped with built-in protection devices to resist power surges and lightning-related electrical spikes. Additional stand-alone lightning protection components are available to protect your equipment against lightning surges that could be propagated through the communications wiring. These devices are designed to safely shed power spikes and to physically disconnect the wiring when dangerous currents are detected.

In addition to extensive hardware protection, automatic backups of all controller settings and removable on-board Flash memory aids in firmware redundancy and protects against recorded data loss at times when the Argus Server PC is down or communications are interrupted.