With the Argus Titan system, the I/O is separated from the controllers, providing the ultimate in configuration flexibility, electrical isolation, system extendability, and installation economy.

I/O (Input/Output)

Argus Controllers used slaved I/O Modules for high-resolution data acquisition from connected sensors and precision equipment control. We also provide UL listed interfacing equipment as needed for switching line voltage motor loads.

I/O Modules

Argus Titan I/O modules provide high resolution data acquisition and equipment-specific output signals for automated equipment control
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Sensors (Inputs)

With more than a million parts of resolution, the Argus system supports direct connection of most industrial sensors
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Equipment Control (Outputs)

Argus provides an array of interchangeable relay boards to match the control requirements for any equipment device
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Line Voltage Interfacing

Argus provides custom-built CUL/UL approved line voltage interface equipment in stand-alone panels or in fully prewired combination panels
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