Argus System include precision sensors for your monitoring and automated control applications.


The Argus Control system makes extensive use of sensor information for automated control applications, monitoring and alarms, and general data acquisition purposes. All systems feature high-resolution analog and digital frequency inputs.

Superior Resolution and Accuracy

With more than a million parts of resolution over a 0-5 volt span, the Argus system even supports direct connection of many sensors that produce signals of only a few millivolts. In addition to reducing the need for expensive signal amplification and conditioning equipment, this greatly reduces wiring complexity and simplifies the signal path for future troubleshooting and maintenance.

Extensive Software Configuration Options

The Argus System provides on-board gain, offset, temperature compensation, linearization, display scaling, and other sensor specific calibrations to simplify sensor connections. This extensive on-board configurability often enables the use of lower cost sensors. All channels are continuously monitored for sensor failures and wiring faults, with configurable high and low reading alarm thresholds for each sensor.

Sensor Selection and Deployment

As part of our system configuration service we normally identify and supply all of the sensors required for your monitoring and automated control applications. This includes a careful analysis of each application, and the information that is required for safe, efficient operation and management. Since the Argus system is completely integrated, we can often use the information from a single sensor for multiple purposes including control coordination and safety monitoring.  Likewise, for added safety, redundant levels of monitoring can often be provided when multiple sensors are associated with a given application. We manufacture a number of specially designed multi-sensor modules such as the WS2 Weather Station and Titan Omni-Sensor modules. We also stock a wide assortment of third party sensors carefully selected to match each application. You can also specify or provide your own sensors and instrumentation as required and we can usually provide interfacing for any existing sensors and instrumentation we may have.