The Argus Operator Program provides simple, comprehensive, and highly customizable access to the Argus Control System.

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Argus Operator Program

The Argus Operator Program provides integrated command and control of your entire operation through a single program interface. It enables you to access all of your control applications, system settings, sensor readings, and recorded data. We custom configure the control interface to match your installation the same way that we custom configure the control system to your specifications. All control groups, user settings, and readings are clearly organized and identified using your own equipment names and following the layout of your facility. This makes the Argus system easy to navigate and use. By taking advantage of our many customizable features such as user labels, shortcuts, windows, graphics placement, and line drawing you can also create your own personalized access screens to meet your specific control and system monitoring needs. With Argus Operator program you can:

  • check on the status of all controlled equipment
  • view readings from all installed sensors
  • review and modify equipment control programs
  • change climate settings
  • set up and respond to alarms
  • review recorded data using custom graphs and tables
  • manually operate equipment such as irrigation valves and fans
The Argus Operator Program is optimized for Windows 7 & Windows 8.