Argus 40th Anniversary

Argus Controls is proud to celebrate its 40th Anniversary this year, marking four decades of visionary entrepreneurship and technological innovation in the field of plant science and commercial horticulture. Founded in 1984, Argus has since worked to continually evolve its solutions to meet the needs of its diverse clients.

Today, that commitment is demonstrated through its client base spanning more than 12,000 growers, including 20 of the top 24 agricultural sciences universities in the United States and 47 of the top 100 floriculture growers in North America.

A Legacy of Innovation

Argus Controls traces its roots back to its founders, Alec and Marlene Mackenzie, and their lifelong love for both plants and technology. In the early years, the two embarked on a journey to revolutionize greenhouse operations with advanced technology for horticulture.

Their vision was fueled by a desire to address the complex challenges faced by growers, paving the way for more efficient and sustainable practices in controlled environment agriculture.

The Core Greenhouse Complex at the University of California, Davis, consists of 172 greenhouses occupying 185,000 sq. ft. (17,200 sq. m). UC Davis researchers conduct experiments to optimize crop production as the world's population puts an increasing strain on food supplies.

“I was the visionary and Marlene the manager,” shared Alec in his written history of Argus. “Both skills were critical to the ultimate success of Argus.”

Throughout its history, Argus has remained at the forefront of innovation in horticultural control and automation. From the development of one of the industry's first computerized control systems to the creation of sophisticated climate energy balance models and sensor technologies, Argus has consistently led the way in delivering innovative tools that empower growers to optimize their operations.

Today the whole ethos of Argus is still to find a problem and solve it right. That’s how we create value for growers.

- Eric Schmidt, Global Sales Support Manager

Argus has also played a central role in introducing cutting-edge predictive strategies, feed-forward control loops, and crop modeling techniques—the kinds of technologies that are paving the way for the next generation of control system solutions.

750,000 sq. ft. (70,000 sq. m) of Argus controlled greenhouse production with irrigation control.

Most importantly, Argus solutions are designed to address critical challenges growers face in our world today, enabling them to achieve the precise control they need to maximize crop yields while minimizing resource consumption. By pioneering these future-focused tools, Argus has transformed the way growers operate and set new standards for excellence in the industry.

If you think about a healthier world it’s both the physical healthiness you’re getting from food, as well as the crops that are grown with lower energy demands and fewer inputs that make them overall better for the environment.

- Kevin Meier, Vice President & General Manager

Evolving Through Strategic Partnerships

Through the years, Argus Controls has strategically leveraged partnerships to enhance its mission and innovative solutions, collaborating with industry leaders to drive technological advancements tailored to the needs of growers.

From its early academic and governmental partnerships to earn grant funding in the 1980s, to its strategic 2013 merger with Conviron (which is also now celebrating a milestone 60th anniversary), Argus has remained in active pursuit of collaboration opportunities that forward its mission. Today, Argus continues to cultivate partnerships with research institutions, universities, and commercial market leaders around the world.

Argus Controls software and hardware can provide an integrated solution for managing an entire horticultural facility – acting as the main control system controlling greenhouses, nutrient management, growth chambers and more.

Looking to the Future

The challenges Argus was founded to address are only expanding such as the need for a stable, healthy food supply, efficient commercial horticulture techniques and minimum impact on the environment. Looking ahead, Argus is committed to remaining at the head of its field. Argus is poised to continue its legacy of innovation, leveraging its expertise to address emerging challenges and drive positive change in the industry.

Interactive controls software and hardware solutions from Argus enable growers to optimize crop inputs and control their operation exactly the way they want.

"When it comes to helping clients make an impact" Kevin Meier's noted, "Argus sees its 40th Anniversary as a crucial milestone, but one that’s still at the beginning of Argus’s journey. We’re celebrating the first 40 years, but we intend to be here for the next 40, 60, and beyond.”