As part of our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, we are informing you of a service bulletin for the Argus Classic system.

What is Argus Classic?

Originally launched in 1984, the Argus Classic system has provided a long-lasting, reliable solution for environmental control. Argus Classic was replaced by Argus TITAN in 2006. Argus TITAN provides the same reliability and flexibility you have come to expect from Argus in addition to offering a considerably upgraded suite of features. If you are still considering an upgrade to Argus TITAN or require additional upgrade information, contact us today.

Argus Classic and TITAN
Argus Classic (at left) and TITAN control system (right)

What's the issue?

Argus Classic has reached the end of its technical and operational life and parts are no longer available. To facilitate our clients’ upgrade to an Argus TITAN system, since 2016 there has been a grace period extended to all Argus Classic users to take advantage of free software and hardware support. The deadline of this grace period will be closing as of October 1, 2023.

What should you do?

To protect your plants and preserve the up-time of your facility it is important to ensure that your control system continues to perform reliably for years to come. If you intend to upgrade your Classic system to Argus TITAN with planned commissioning before March 1, 2024, Argus will provide a Block of Hours contract (valued at $2,000) at no charge. Projects commissioned after March 1, 2024 will be required to purchase a Block of Hours support package or opt for two service hours (minimum). Click on the link below for additional information or contact us today.


Service Support Changes for Obsolete Classic Systems


Technical Support for Classic Systems