The COVID-19 pandemic affects companies across all industries and horticultural operations without exception. Making sure staff are safe and operations are working smoothly with less direct supervision is critical. Recently, Argus took the opportunity to talk to some of our clients and understand how they have been coping and adjusting their operation during COVID. During these conversations, we were able to hear their stories on how Argus is making a difference for them.

Dalwhinnie, a cannabis cultivator in Colorado, uses Argus’ nutrient delivery system to feed its crops. They have had the opportunity to work with their system remotely when needed as well as relying on Argus’ automatic feeding and watering solutions with a partial crew on site during the pandemic.

Cody Monroe, Director of Research and Development, remarked that other cannabis operations without an automated and reliable system would be struggling to feed their crops, as they might have to do this process manually.

[We] were able to trace the issue to the pump - which is not even directly connected to the Argus system, and thereby prevent a potentially costly outcome.

- Cody Monroe, Director of Research & Development, Dalwhinnie Farms

In addition, he shared a story on how Argus made the difference for him. Water intrusion to the panels of the RM Unit nutrient control system affected its electrical components and required immediate service. Cody did not hesitate to contact Argus and was truly satisfied with how the team of experts supported him. One of the two technical experts , having worked with Cody in the past, knew his system well. With the help of pictures of the RM unit they were able to pinpoint the problem and using some spare parts Cody had with him, they repaired the RM unit and tested the voltage throughout the system remotely to ensure there were no additional problems remained.

Similarly, one of Cody's pumps that feeds the Argus nutrient delivery system was failing and a sensor signaled the flow was being affected. By the system signaling that there was limited flow to the Argus system, Cody and the Argus team were able to trace the issue to the pump - which is not even directly connected to the Argus system, and thereby prevent a potentially costly outcome.

Another example is from a grower in Alberta, Canada, who confirmed that having the capability of monitoring and controlling their operation from home has been extremely useful. As he highlighted, “We can go home, but the plants can’t”. While working remotely he has been able to use the Titan software as the main tool to do the day-to-day work and have the same experience as being physically in the control room. He pointed out that nothing has changed over the last few weeks regarding the service or level of interaction with Argus during this challenging period.

In North Carolina, David Hoffman, Senior Director of Sales and Operations at Hoffman Nurseries, a perennial grower, also shared his experience. Due to the health and safety recommendations associated with the pandemic they had to split shifts but, overall, the operation has been relatively normal. He also recognized that having the capability of controlling his system remotely has been helpful. Although he still works on site, he has done some remote monitoring of the facility and has been quite satisfied with the experience.

How can Argus help me during COVID-19?

By working remotely with the Titan system and Argus Live, users can securely connect to their facility from anywhere:

  • Titan 900 – standard Argus control system software – allows users to manage the entire horticultural facility in detail whether it is a greenhouse and physical plant operations, a fertigation system, grow rooms and growth chambers, or propagation zones. Titan connects to the system from the user’s central command center, networked PC or tablet.
  • Argus Live - A mobile application that connects to the facility’s central system to monitor, analyze, and run the facility in real time, giving the users control of their facility from anywhere. With an interactive dashboard, personalized settings and customizable displays users can manage their operation on the go with clear and real time data for decision making.

Argus can also help you by continuing to deliver outstanding after sales service. Our service promise means the Argus service team will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your system. Our systems are fully designed for remote support, so regardless where your facility is located, we will provide service to you 24/7.

Also, the components of the Argus system are generally more reliable than the equipment it controls. Consequently, much of our service and support time is devoted to helping our customers troubleshoot issues that are ultimately caused by malfunctions in other, related equipment systems.

Often the Argus system is the first to detect problems such as failing pumps, stuck valves, etc. Therefore, not only can you use the system as a watchdog for the performance of individual equipment devices, you can also observe the aggregate effects of equipment operation such as changes in water flow, humidity, air temperatures or other variables.