Hosted by GROWERTALKS, this panel of experts explains how automation can help you fine tune your irrigation and fertigation equipment in any production environment - whether it's a greenhouse, nursery, vertical farm or indoor cannabis grow. With so many options and levels of technology available, how do you choose?


  • Importance of automation in irrigation and nutrient systems
  • Flexible vs. stringent environmental controls
  • Integration to third-party devices
  • Supervision and remote control of fertigation
  • The importance of data logging
  • Intelligent automation (AI)
  • The future of automated irrigation and nutrient delivery


  • Al Zylstra, Segment Manager for DRAMMwater
  • Jeff Neff, Senior Application Technician for Argus Control Systems
  • Eric Culberson, VP of Horticulture for Columbia Care
  • Chad M Salute, Director of Cultivation for Kush Alley