What does Argus Sell?

When you select Argus you get a controls partner with over thirty years of expertise in automated systems.

Argus sells the Argus Control System. It is a control platform designed for automated management of specialized facilities and equipment.

We typically provide:

  • A complete Argus control system custom configured to your specifications.
  • All control system components – the system controllers, I/O modules, and low voltage relay switching for all controlled equipment.
  • All sensors and instrumentation required for your monitoring and automated control applications.
  • Optional UL listed line voltage interfacing equipment for protecting, distributing, and switching line voltage electrical loads.
  • Argus Multi-Feed Nutrient Injectors (used in hydroponic nutrient control applications). They are operated by the Argus System.
  • Complete custom drawings and installation documents.
  • Remote assistance from our expert support team for installation, commissioning, and operator training.
  • Optional on-site training and commissioning support as required.
  • Ongoing routine and 24/7 emergency support from our legendary factory service team (we do not use call centers).

We do not typically provide:

    • Controlled equipment such as tanks, fans, valves, boilers, filters, vent motors, air handlers, etc. (we do provide the controls for monitoring, integrating and automating all of this equipment from a single platform).
    • PCs used for operator access, since you can usually source these locally for less money. However, if you do require PCs from Argus we can arrange for a drop shipment from a national provider. Note: PCs are only used for accessing the system and archival data storage. All control and monitoring functions occur in dedicated Argus hardware.
    • On-site installation.  However, we do work closely with a number of independent contractors who specialize in installing Argus systems. We are also happy to provide assistance if you wish to use your local electrical installer or perform the installation in-house. Argus systems are generally easy to install and we provide detailed installation drawings and documents to assist in this process. We also perform all of the system setup, programming and configuration.

What can an Argus System Do?