An Argus systems provides comprehensive, facility-wide monitoring and automated control for modern land-based aquaculture facilites.

Aquaculture Applications

Argus systems have a proven track record in both research and commercial aquaculture facilities. With decades of field-tested performance in water management and water quality monitoring applications, we understand the precision requirements of modern land-based production systems, particularly for the more difficult to grow species.

Many aquaculture facilities are unique, with one-of-a-kind technologies and processes. Argus is an excellent fit for such applications – our systems feature both the power and flexibility to accomplish a broad range of control and monitoring tasks and our experienced systems engineering professionals will custom configure a control solution to meet your requirements.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Control

With an Argus system, you’ll be able to operate your entire facility as a single entity, with seamless integration of all your equipment systems and processes. Extensive central management capabilities ensure optimum operating efficiency and precision integration of critical parameters such as oxygen saturation, water quality and flow management.

Continuous monitoring and alarm functions provide maximum protection for your facility and the earliest possible warnings of equipment failures and out-of-bounds operating conditions. In addition to raising alarms, the Argus system can also execute automatic ‘fallback’ measures to safeguard your equipment and your stocks during emergencies. Just one averted catastrophe might pay for your system!

Habitat Management

The complete aquatic environment can be managed and monitored including light levels, photoperiods, feeder controls, flow rates, and video image capture.

Water Quality

Argus can provide continuous monitoring and control of all water quality parameters and treatment processes. This can include custom instrumentation and automation for specialized equipment systems used for solids removal, chemical treatment, bio-filtration, protein skimming, gas balancing, turbidity, ammonia and CO2 removal, oxygenation/ORP, pH, EC/TDS/salinity, and disinfection.

Water Management

Water handling equipment can be fully automated including precision control of pumps, filters, flow rates, pressures, levels, temperatures and influent/effluent rates.

Facility Management

Argus systems feature simultaneous multi-user access from on-site and remote locations. Comprehensive data recording of all sensor values, equipment states, and process control variables is standard on all systems. A full-featured graphing utility is included for tracking critical variables and equipment performance over time. Sophisticated alarm logic and annunciation options can be configured including an Argus Cloud notification service for delivering auto-generated reports and system alerts via e-mail.