Argus is a major provider of automated climate and irrigation controls for forest seedling production.

Forest Seedling Production

The superior control capabilities of the Argus system for both heated and unheated greenhouses combined with advanced irrigation for field and sheltered crops make an excellent match for the diverse production activities of forest nurseries. Here are just a few of the features that make Argus the top controls choice for forest seedling production:

Advanced Climate Schedules

Not only can you define multiple climate setpoints throughout a 24-hour period, you can also create multi-day schedules to manage time-critical activities such as stratification, germination, dormancy, and bud break through an entire crop cycle.

Open Roof Structures

Argus has worked closely with the leading manufacturers of open roof greenhouses and shelters to develop safe and effective control strategies for these unique structures. This enables you to take maximum advantage of the benefits of these structures in your own production activities.

Precision Climate Monitoring

Argus Titan systems provide precision measurement and in-zone display of current climate conditions including temperature, humidity, PAR light, and CO2.

Air and Root Zone Temperature Monitoring

With our precision instrumentation you can monitor and control critical air and root zone temperatures in your propagation zones and holding areas. Temperatures can be recorded, summed and averaged over time for tracking chilling requirements, dormancy, etc. Recorded values can also be exported to your own tracking software.

Moisture Sensors

Argus offers a variety of methods for monitoring soil moisture content and plant water status to ensure the perfect balance of water and oxygen in the root zone.

Curtain Control

Our extensive shade, thermal, and photoperiod curtain controls help you save energy while managing the propagation environment. Argus provides closing and reopening strategies to deal with a range of of external conditions based on light, time, temperature, humidity, or any other measurable parameters. Curtain operations are fully coordinated and integrated with other activities such as heating, lighting, ventilation, and snow load protection.

Advanced Irrigation

Argus provides an array of drip, boom, sprinkler, and sub-irrigation control options to match your growing methods. Each offers unprecedented operator control and fine-tuning adjustments for managing substrate moisture during every phase of production. Irrigation water temperatures can be managed and control strategies for recapture, treatment, and recirculation are also available more.

Evapotranspiration Models

Argus provides complete evapotranspiration models for outdoor crops to accurately predict water demand with or without the use of moisture sensors.