Comprehensive controls for managing growing environments, irrigation systems, and nutrient management.

Greenhouse Ornamentals

Argus systems are widely used for greenhouse ornamentals production in facilities ranging in size from high-tech ‘mom and pop’ greenhouses to some of the largest operations on the planet. Whether you produce cut flowers, bedding plants, potted crops or a little of everything, the Argus system has a wealth of features to support your production. Here are some of the applications and features that make Argus an outstanding choice for greenhouse ornamentals production.

Automated Crop Scheduling

With comprehensive diurnal (24 hour) and multi-day setpoint schedules you can program your control targets to match the precise requirements of your crop at each growth phase. For sell-date sensitive crops, Argus SmartHeat strategies can help you achieve precision crop timing by automatically adjusting climate targets based on recent growing conditions.

Light and Photoperiod

Use sophisticated lighting programs for supplementary lighting, photoperiod control, and any other light-dependent plant responses. Lights can be operated by time, ambient conditions, accumulated values such as DLI (daily light integrals), or custom control logic.


The Argus system provides comprehensive control options for CO2 enrichment including automatic operation of CO2 burners, liquid CO2 sources, and stack recovery from central boilers.

Curtain Control

Our intelligent shade, thermal, and photoperiod curtain controls help you save energy, modify the growing environment, and manage critical growth and flowering processes. Argus provides closing and reopening strategies to deal with a range of external conditions based on light, time, temperature, humidity, or any other measurable parameters while at the same time minimizing the number of curtain moves and equipment wear. Curtain operations are fully integrated with other activities such as heating, lighting, ventilation, and snow load protection.

Humidity and VPD

Whether you need to increase or decrease humidity, the Argus system provides precision monitoring of relative humidity and VPD as well as capable control strategies for reducing plant stress and avoiding disease promoting condensation.

Open Roof Structures

Argus has worked closely with the leading manufacturers of open roof greenhouses and shelters to develop safe and effective control strategies for these unique structures. This enables you to take maximum advantage of the benefits of these structures for ornamental plant production.

Time Weighted Control Influences

Use our advanced time-weighted features such as DLI (daily light integrals,) ADT(average daily temperatures), accumulated light, and evapotranspiration to track the factors that influence crop health, stress, growth, and moisture status.

Advanced Irrigation

Argus provides an array of drip, boom, sprinkler, and sub-irrigation control options to match any growing method. Each offers unprecedented operator control and fine-tuning adjustments for managing substrate moisture during every phase of production. Irrigation water temperatures can be managed and control strategies for recapture, treatment, and recirculation are also available.

Comprehensive Nutrient Control

Argus offers the most advanced nutrient control technology available for commercial production. Our Multi-Feed Nutrient Injection systems feature full integration with Argus irrigation scheduling and can deliver multiple fertilizers recipes from the same injection station. They are ideal for operations that need to provide more than one feed recipe or frequently need to vary the strengths and chemistries of fertilizer solutions.  They are equally adept at on-the-fly fertilizer injection and managing bulk fertilizer solutions in storage tanks. Single-stock, ‘A/B’, and full single element dosing methods are all supported and all nutrient dosing and irrigation is managed and monitored by the Argus Titan system.