More than standard equipment automation, Argus provides a complete 'mission control' solution for your facility.

The Argus Advantage

Too often, the shortcomings of a control system become apparent only after it is installed. To avoid this, you need to carefully investigate the features and specifications of each system to learn where its capabilities and limitations lie.  You also need to check out each manufacturer’s reputation, whether they understand your requirements, and perhaps most importantly how well they support their products. We think our long track record, the impressive features of the Argus system, and the comprehensive support we provide are worthy of serious consideration. We strive to exceed your expectations both in system performance and customer service and we invite you to compare our features to any other system.

Go With A Leader

Argus is a trusted name in the controls industry with over thirty years experience in facilities automation. Check our references - most of our new customers are by referral.

Control Everything

Argus systems offer a wide scope of applications and an enormous depth of control capability. This includes custom control programmability for special applications and true control integration to ensure that all controlled equipment in your facility is managed in an intelligent and coordinated manner. Preprogrammed or 'canned' systems often lack the flexibility and features that you really need, and generic, unprogrammed systems usually consist of a patchwork of hardware and software components leaving everything up to you and the guy you hire to program it (we have replaced many of these systems). By contrast, Argus custom configures your system to your specifications and we continue to work with you long after installation to ensure you get maximum value from your investment.

Monitor Everything

Argus systems feature self-diagnostic monitoring of all control components and communications pathways as well as extensive monitoring of controlled equipment and processes. In the event of emergencies, our flexible alarm annunciation options ensure that problems are detected early, enabling the most prompt response possible.

Measure Anything

High resolution, instrumentation grade inputs are standard on all our systems. We generally provide all of the sensors required for control and monitoring applications and we also integrate customer specified sensors as needed.

Record Everything

The Argus system has extensive data logging and graphing capabilities for tracking all sensor values and control parameters over time.  Thousands of data channels can be recorded at high resolutions with pre-filtering options for efficient data compression and storage. Quickly review and analyze your data with integrated multi-overlay graphing tools and export it for further analysis in external applications. An automated camera control utility is also available for native capture and playback of time series imagery.

Legendary Support

Automated control is a complex subject. We don't expect you to become an expert. We try to make our systems as easy to understand as possible while allowing you maximum latitude for making your own adjustments and modifications. Whenever you need help, our service team will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your Argus system. Our systems are fully designed for remote support, so it doesn't matter where your facility is located, we look after you. When we say remote we mean it - we currently support systems in the Himalayas and at the South Pole!

Maximum Reliability

Argus systems are not cobbled together from a hodgepodge of off-the-shelf control components. We provide a complete hardware and software solution designed and manufactured by Argus for maximum performance and reliability. This ensures end-to-end compatibility and operability for critical applications. It also ensures that we can provide deep factory support for all our systems. A self-aware control network, superior electrical noise rejection, lightning protection, and comprehensive monitoring and alarms are fully integrated into the system design.


Each Argus Titan controller is capable of hosting dozens of complex applications and an overall system can accommodate hundreds of controllers if needed. The controller firmware features comprehensive control algorithms for managing all types and styles of equipment as well as a high degree of programmability for custom automation applications. Fully integrated irrigation controls are available for horticultural applications and Argus Multi-Feed systems are the most advanced nutrient injection systems available, capable of providing dozens of feed formulations up to and including full single element dosing.

Extreme Flexibility

Argus systems use a suite of proprietary control logic modules for rapid development of sophisticated custom control applications. The Argus hardware is equally modular and can be deployed in the locations and configurations that best suit each facility. Additional hardware and programming can simply be added and configured as required.

Prewired Panels

Argus can provide custom built UL listed line voltage relay panels and combination control/line voltage interfacing panel options. These are a popular choice for facilitating neat, efficient, and fast installations with minimal on-site wiring expense.

Fast Return on Investment

An Argus system can pay for itself quickly through improved operating efficiency and the enhanced safety and peace of mind that comprehensive monitoring provides. With more features than other systems, yet competitively priced, an Argus system will deliver a wealth of benefits over its long life expectancy.