Several new greenhouses feature 20-foot-tall ceilings equipped with adjustable lighting canopies. The Michael W. and Quirsis V. Riney Family Greenhouse allows scientists to grow crops to their natural height, while better controlling light and temperature.

The Argus technician was very impressed with the technological level of our greenhouses. That’s high praise, given their expertise.

- Sally Fabbri, Danforth Center Greenhouse Manager

Innovative plant science requires cutting-edge technologies. The Danforth Center’s core facilities equip their scientists with state-of-the-art instrumentation and expertise to do ground-breaking research. This critical infrastructure serves as a hub of collaboration, attracting partners and new companies to the region.

In late 2019, construction began on the new Michael W. and Quirsis V. Riney Family Greenhouse. The work expands total space available from 54,000 to nearly 66,000 square feet: more than 1.5 acres of greenhouses. The new greenhouse not only adds more space, but additional cutting-edge features and increased energy efficiency as well. These facilities will advance the work of Danforth Center scientists and other sustainable ag partners aiming to feed the world and heal the planet.

Opening a new greenhouse is called “commissioning,” and it comes with a special set of punch-list items. First, the complicated computer control systems need to be tested – a process undertaken by the manufacturer, Argus Control Systems Ltd. “The technician said he was very impressed with the technological level of our greenhouses,” notes Danforth Center Greenhouse Manager Sally Fabbri. “That’s high praise, given their expertise.”